Escape to the Adriatic
Istria - Beautiful Beaches, Interesting Towns and National Park
Istria is the largest peninsula in Croatia, known as the Blue-Green peninsula, due to its combination of pretty coastal resorts and green countryside. It is close to Trieste and so well served by low cost airlines.

This is the most popular holiday destination with foreign visitors due to its attractive seaside resorts and interesting towns and cities.


'Blue Istria', i.e. the Istrian coastline, is the perfect destination for both active and relaxing sea side holidays, with its streches of pebbly beaches and beautiful clear water for swimming and snorkling, and the many boat mooring stations and water sports areas.

Rabac has, long, pebble beaches perfect for swimming, sunbathing and snorkling.

Head towards Rovinj, go swimming on Crveni otok (island) where you will find many hidden coves. A small boat goes back and forth frequently and it will take you right to the island.

The town of Pula has several beaches, the most beautiful of which are at Stoja and Verudel. If you head toward Porec there are mainly sunbathing terraces on the edge of the water.


Istria is full of interesting towns, perfect for strolling around in the late afternoon or evening. Here is some information on some of the towns you may wish to visit during your stay.

Pula: The 3000 year-old town of Pula is steeped is culture and history.  The old town centre is situated on a small spit of land. The heart of the town can be very lively at night when both locals and tourists get together to have a good time. The Porec River, with several creeks, is nearby and is ideal for swimming and water sports. Pula, the largest town in Istra is situated on the most southerly point of the peninsula. It has one of the best-preserved Roman amphitheatres, demonstrating the ancient history of the town.

Poreč: A lively town, bustling with activity in the summer months.  From street festivals to jazz concerts in the regional museum to classical music concerts in the Euphrasios basilica, there is always something different to see. There is a marina and bathing (pebble beaches) and walks along the  pine covered coastline. Inland are vinyards. Good selection of shops and restaurants and boat trips to Venice just across the Adriatic.

Medulin is a small place and is often the destination of young people who like to have a good time and enjoy live music and dancing.

Umag carries the title of being a sports centre due to the tennis matches and ATP tournament it hosts.

Labin is a characterful town, reknowned for its rich cultural and architectural heritage, narrow streets, art galleries and archaeological Town Museem. The impressive fortress offers dramatic views of the Rabac bay, and across to Cres Island. During summer time Labin comes alive with its local festivals and cultural events.  It also has a host of restaurants and coffe shops with large terraces for enjoying summer time drinks.

Rovinj is a picturesque town with an Italian influence. The typical Venetian church tower, as well as other architectural works of art, is a pleasant surprise for tourists.

National Park

On the West coast of Istra, not far from Pula is the Brijuni national park, an archipelago, which is known for its luxurious Mediterranean plants and flowers, partly set up as a country park and partly as a safari park. Istra offers a number of natural sites, monuments and attractions inland.

Beautiful beaches of Rabac
Medieval Hill Top town of Labin
Pula Coliseum
Stoja Beach, near Pula