Le Bois Plage is situated on the south west coast of Ile de Re, running along 5kms of the coastline, of which 4 kms is made up of sandy beaches.

Le Bois Plage is famous for its lovely sandy beaches, edged with pine forests and sand dunes.

Ile de Re is known for its watersports, and le Bois Plage is no different. 

Like the other towns in Ile de Re, Le Bois Plage has a multitude of bike tracks.  Follow one of the tracks through the pinewoods to the beautiful beaches.

The markets in le Bois Plage are well known and attract many tourists.

Superb Locations - Le Bois Plage, Ile de Re
Leave your bike in one of the parks on the beach....
Spend the day on one of the lovely sandy beaches
Beautiful sandy beach in Le Bois Plage
Spend a morning browsing through the bustling market
Our houses in Le Bois Plage

Villa Soleil LSLB 005 with swimming pool, sleeps 5

Villa Belle Journee, LS LB 006, with swimming pool, sleeps 8

Villa Bois Plage, LS LB-003, with swimming pool, sleeps 8

Villa Moderne LS LB 001, sleeps 10, with swimming pool

Other Ile de Re Houses

Ile de Re apartments with pool

Cycle through the pine forests.....