Sainte-Marie-de-Ré is a traditional village, full of charm, on the southern coast of ile de Re. This is an area with excellent sandy beaches, oyster farms and
beach fishing.

Ste Marie itself has narrow, winding streets, and seemingly secret passages leading to flower filled squares with cafes and shops. Some of the last windmills on Ile de Re are in Ste Marie

The village is famous for its 14th Century Gothic belltower, which is a landmark throughout Ile de Re.  Climb to the top of the bell towerfor excellent views along the coast.

Sainte Marie is the oldest illage on ile de Re and is the centre of the wine growing region as well as a coastal village with  sandy beaches and maritime actiities.

Enjoy swimming, surfing, walking along the wild coast and in the country, cycling, and the markets. Cycle paths radiate from Ste Marie

Ste Marie is a bustling village with a good selection of shops of all sorts, restauants and services such as bike hire, taxis and doctors and dentisits.

To see details of these please visit the Ste Marie de Re  website

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St Marie

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